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Big Pink Dress


howdy folks its me again got a message to convey
im so confused whats to lose I think I might turn gay
on the day my bitch left
she said "stick in your rear"
she never thought she'd hear these words
"ooh your mustache is so tickly down there"
(drill my ass)
oh god its tight
(drill my ass)
this is my first time
(drill my ass)
love you - love you too
live with bill its such a thrill
we get it on so fine
we tend our garden everyday
sometimes in 69
play dress up and have puppet shows
we skip and dance and sing
he's so helpful, shaves my back
mark its my turn to wear the cowboy hat
(its so hard)
the way he holds me
(it's so hard)
I could just die
(it's so hard)
then we go drinking
and we start thinking
but doin it liberace
then we bake a quiche
we went to church he held my hand
I gazed into his eyes
he kissed my ear, I said oh dear
my shaft began to rise
he whispered let's get married
I squeaked and shouted yes
suddenly our live's a mess
he wore a tux, I wore a big pink dress
(drill my ass)
not sure I'm right
(drill my ass)
what was I thinking
(drill my ass)
I like bull fights
(drill my ass)
no more knitting
(drill my ass)
no more skipping
I tried it once, for a whole six months
but so long moustache!

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