Photo of the artist Half-handed Cloud

Earth Outside Of Gost Will Only Be Quicksand

Half-handed Cloud

I'm still your dad
My son
I'm still you mom
My daughter
But a fire guards the garden
And it led the way back home
A home in folds of skin
Will make you thirst for water
And the water is the spirit
If the spirit you'll enroll

Earth outside of Ghost will only be quicksand
Garden was your dwelling place
But now you have been banned

Garden is overgrown
So take me by the hand
Would you have preferred it if I'd left this ship unmanned?

If you follow me
You'll leave this dry grassland
At the same time stay
You'll see through eyes of a headstand

This world is still the Lord's
The devil is a squatter
And he can't give you a pardon
When he's boud the earth to roam

The earth for him is a jail
It's going to get hotter
When I take you in my body
And my heart becomes your home

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