No Rest For The Weary


I don't need to make sense
I don't try to rhyme
'Cause I've paid my dues
Yeah I've done my time

I might eat my hat
I might lose my case
But I won't hide my words
Behind a poket face

You know that
There's no rest, for the weary
Brother don't waste my time
'Cause I've already made up my mind
There's no rest, for the weary
Yesterday was just fine
But the future's all I've got time for

I'm a wide-eyed fool
For the first temptation
I'll give up guarantees
For a good vibration

I'm a rich blasphemer
And a poor man's saint
'Cause my feet can't move
To where my heart just ain't

I don't hold my liquor
I don't share my business
Don't like to ask permission
I'd rather give forgiveness

'Cause I take my cue
From a condemed man
So I break their rules
Whenever I can

'Cause I know I'm living
When I feel the strain
On the back of my neck
On the front of my brain

And I can't resist
When I hear proclaimed
That it can't be done
Boy that'll never been changed

You know that
There's no rest, for the weary
There's no rest, for the weary

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Written by: Isaac Hanson / Taylor Hanson / Zac Hanson. Isn't this right? Let us know.