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Give Me A Day (Dos Mou Mia Mera)

Haris Alexiou

Give me a day
so that I can dwell in your eyes.
Give me a night so that I can deliver my soul.
Like the wind
I whistle on your paths.
The rain cannot wash away my loneliness.
Ah! My little bird, I'm telling you
I've been ruined,
without your love.
But in the turmoil of my mind I have resisted,
so as not to lose you or lose myself.

Show me a road,
for my passions to walk on.
To find the land
where you keep your dreams.
Be a river,
take my mistakes away with you.
And if you want to leave,
I'll be the road to take you.

Ah! My little bird, I'm telling ....

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