Monday You Start Your Mondayish Stuff
And Just Like That Was Not Enough
You Order By Post a Tattooed Banana
Hasta la vista baby maybe down on Copacabana
Don't try put a Blame on Me
You Yourself Wanted to Be...

In this Society it's Still a Taboo
Just Like Election of Pope of Baboons
All Male Citizens at Voting Age
In a Mad Rage Locked in Cage
Don't Try to Put a Blame on me!!
It was your own choice te be...

In Cardinals Banana there's a Tribal Tattoo
and with Wooden Sticks it was Pierced too
So is there doubt about who's in toughest gang
You Have to Show it to Sultan of the Orangutans
Don't try to put a Blame on me
You yourself wanted to be
Underdog of Society
Underdogs dancing like mad Baboons
Under Bloodred Jungle Moon

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