I am alone
But now is even harder
My head aches
I'm alone even when I'm with you
Even with my friends
Something is wrong
In this world we live in
Everything is old and I just can't stand it
If there is love
Where the hell is it?
Open up your window
What do you really see?
See the children playing with guns
See the government having fun
Is that the world we love so much?
Sometimes the world kisses you with a punch

We're alone
But now It's different
Everyday I see you dying
you're alone
But It's not your fault
You were taught to feel like that

See the children being dead (we're dead)
You may think that's not so bad (you're dead)
But someday you will die too (fuck you)
Who will finish the job for you
Loneliness is up to you

Por Letícia Campos

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