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I Need Nothing Else

Hawkins Sophie B

I ain't gonna be your fool
You know this lady's not in waiting for words untrue
I have to die

'Cause I'd rather crawl home bleeding than be
Chained to you I love your freedom
Hate me need me love me tease me beg me
Please me take me breathe me
Baby you know I'm trouble still you
Wanna be the one to smash my bubble
How strong how tough how sweet how
Must you feel to rough me up for real

In love I trust I put my faith
To make me hapy to keep me safe
In you I find a way to lose myself
Thrill me baby I need nothing else.

I ain't gonna be your dog
You know this lady's contemplating your worth at all
I'll make you cry
'Cause I'd rather lose you than lose my way
Oh you know I don't mean it I only suffer when I go astray
Your words they sting you make me sing
I want to bring you everything
Jesus I feel what you mean to me
I want to meet you on a dirt road and walk with you endlessly
Oh Lord my God when you get hard
How can I stop how can I not

In love I trust I put my faith
To make me happy to keep me safe
In you I see the brightest star
That burns inside me and breaks my heart
And when I cry the deepest hurting
Cleans my soul relieves my burden
In you I find a way to lose myself
Thrill me baby I need nothing else

In love I must feel all my pain
And all my joy and all my shame
And every time you call on me
Through my struggles you set me free
To feel your power your gracious strength
And on my knees it's your restraint
That makes me find one greater than myself
Love me baby love me baby
I need I need I need
I need nothing else

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