If life is a miracle of light, then death is a miracle of darkness. Let's contemplate death. Only death is real...

Nocturnal splendour, enemy of light
Majestic darkness, harvester of life
Eclipse of my sun, curser of the day
Destroyer of all hope, useless to pray

Eternities reduced to dust
Dreams painted in black
Abominations overflow
As life disappears, end's complete

Almighty shadow that covers all mankind
Sublime coldness, emptiness divine
There's no return, no turning back
Where once reigned the light now everything is black!

"Light that becomes ill and dies away,
Clouds' and pitch's vortex,
Under the dark cloak of marvelous desolation,
Shattering bodies and extinguishing souls..."

It's a Black Miracle!
When darkness kills the light...
It's a Black Miracle!
...And death cuts the thread of life

"Devourer of all that is living,
Imminent collapse, bringer of the eternal dark,
Colors fade away, blackness supreme,
Dreams of brightness are gone..."

Repeat Chorus

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