Suffering, pain and loneliness
Among suicides and terror
The fear creates despair
Will this hell has an end or not?

Shouts of suffering spread out
Through the obscure
The meaning of life is to kill
Or to die now!

Death, blood, pain
Wars, why wars?

Dirty pigs fighting against themselves
Destroying themselves slowly
Just think about their own power
And fuck off the rest!

We can’t let these sons of a bitch
Fuck everything
‘Cause one day everything is gonna finish
There will be no place for green or blue
There will be a rotten world
Where pain and loneliness will gonna reign
Above tear of blood and guilt
There’s no meaning to these things
The wars have no sense!

We don’t need them to live
We don’t need this nightmare
We need peace and awareness
That life isn’t just power and triumphs

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