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Come on


I see you smiling youre smiling for the camera
Youre trying to catch a moment of truth in
propaganda Well all the doors are open and
you know whats important Youre here to live
your life or are you here to front for shorty

Come on I know that youre waiting come on
So check the price youre paying come on
You cant afford the minutes You know the
time is moving You know the clock is ticking

Right now Its the only moment that counts Is
right now Is the only time Ive no doubt Is right

I know the struggle that happiness is haunted
You dont get what you need And you dont
get what you want Now everything is ringing
Reality is calling If youre digging Gary Busey
Youre living Buddy Holly

Come on Lean into the curve and come on
You know the nerves are perfect come on
Look down from above it Just see just where
were at And to know how far weve come

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