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Wherever you may be (oh)
You breath the air i breathe (oh)
Cause now you've made my heart come alive
And i hope i'm gonna find
That our love is colourblind

They say "what's the world coming to"
Tell me, what chance is there for me and you?
It's not enough to believe that love is blind
You say our future's gonna be so bright
Tell me everything will be alright
I need to believe you'll open up your mind

You and i can be together
But we both know we can't live a lie

Where ever you may be (oh)
You breathe the air i breathe (oh)
If the world you see is black and white
Then i might just blow your mind
Yeah life can be so cold (baby)
Look deep inside your soul (get ready)
Cause now you've made my heart come alive
And i hope that i'm gonna find
That our love is colourblind

Now you and i have come this far
Can we be the people that we think we are
I need to fell in my heart we'll stand the test of time

Worlds apart can come together
But look out baby cause worlds might still collide


Takes every kind of people
To make this world go round
But am i chasing rainbows
With the love we found
Please dont let me down


That your love is colour blind
Love's got to be colour blind

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Compuesta por: Wayne Wilkins / Steve Lee / Avril MacKintosh. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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