Oh Boy (feat. Heartsdales)


*1 Gimme gimme oh boy
Give me love
imasara oh boy
Bounce with me all night
Show me love
dare ni mo oh boy

Everyday it's just a hustle on and on when I see you with them girls
doko ittemo kimi wa ninkimono de chikadzukitai kedo Oh!
kizutsukitaku wa nai Oh oh oh!
Oh boy tell me whachu whachu want
subete kanaete you know I'll be the one to make your dreams come true
So so come on get down on it

*2 na na na na knocking on your door
na na na na knowing where you are
na na na my body's on the floor
tell me what's your flavor? oh boy

*1 repeat

kono JHETT no track ni my words will tobidasu
Come on! give me the beat! yeah kono M.I.C
kimi wa can't you see?
kotobadakumi ni wachu gonna do? baby nemurenai night
kono shizentai wa so sexy
futari dake no place wa so tasty
You gotta show me love so baby

*2, *1 repeat

I see 2 baby eyes on lock just looking at me
from over there baby boy so come here
kocchi kite lemme just holla
hoka no ko ni meutsuri suru mae ni just holla come on
Just get down on it! Me and my boys
Just get down on it! Me and my girls
Just get down on it! Bring it on come on
Just get down on it! uh uh here we go

*2, *1 repeat

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