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Big Daddy

Heavy D

What's the deal
I wanna know is this love for real
Or could it be lust that I feel
You got it going on and on like a real fly sex appeal
Physique extra ill sun sweet dress to kill
You got me open like token hot and smokin
Jacuzzi bubble bath laughin joking
Candle light talking about how you and your ex-man fight
Tropical sight beach sand white listen
Seafood dishes wine cooler champagne wishes waterbed head
Fine do with some riches
our loveable hugeable I love the cute
As long as I'm around and down nothin could ever trouble you


I want your body the way you touch me
Rather be in your Caddie
You could be my big daddy
Take it slowly heaven hold me
Rather be in your Caddie
you could be my big daddy

..... I spend quality time
Cute face haircut like the Hally design
Keep my day laced up with fly gear and makeup
But you should see her when she wake up never could we brake up
Shop till you drop cause the cream dont stop
Buy you a bunch of outfits your sexy your hot
So she could look good for Hev D
Overweight loving MC rub you gently
You know its C big CEO sex-o-pee
Mac game similar next to gold and flex
You might feelme creeping to your room late at night
It's hell a waterbed so get it right
You be like that its that big man we all up tonight
Game ear tight why you caught up in the hype
That's right that's miggie, miggie, biggie
Baby your ready for big daddy


You on my mind like all the time
You genuine and you fine missing you like dollar sign
Boo be all that and then some
Job all that mad income
Hand New Yorkers wish you represent from
24-7 you the one that I be sweating
You and time that's no question couldn't be nothin less than
Sexually the best next to me I confess
You got me hooked on like Phonics or weed heads on Chronic
Now sit your ready you give me more like Demi good and plenty
Nothin could compare to you Boo I swear to you
I feel for you for real for you
All I wanna do is be with you
Might even steal for you
You walk like talk like sexy
When you kiss me you bless me undress me caress me
You on my mind like all the time
You genuine and you fine missing you like dollar sign

Chorus: repeat until fade

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