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We're All Fucked Up


If I look around in society today
I just can't find the words
I don't know what to say
Hatred has replaced
compassion and respect
We seem to accept
things we should reject

Sometimes I really think
no one gives a damn
We teach a lot of rules
which we never exam
So maybe I just should
act like one of those
And punch a harmless granny
real hard op her nose

Let's sing a song together
'cause we are all fucked up
In a society of violence
it's better to be locked up

Give me a gun
I blow your head away
I just wanna kill
A rich kid today
Lend me your knife
And than I'll stab you in the back
I just like some blood
it's cool if you can't hit me back

Give me you're car
I'll drive it off a bridge
I can't return your keys
They're stolen by a midge
Spare me some coins
So I can cop some dope
I will feed it to your sister
and hang her on a rope


Oh my god what's going on
Did we lose it all?
If we stay intolerant
Down iswhere we fall
Why not put a smile on
And share a pint of beer
Everyone is welcometo have fun
And give a cheer


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