Told to show everything I have
I can show only disorganized types
Asked what is my hope
Racking my brain, can't give any complete answer
All I want is to leave everything as it is
Afraid all I have will break down when I show you them
Ashamed of myself as such

Why, I can't look at the fact in the face
Why, I injure myself on purpose
Why, I pose as a much bigger one than I am
I know, yes I know
I have no money, no power... nothing

I longingly look back at the days I trusted others
Now looking around myself
How many can I trust?

Life is led depending on you and them
No way to live by myself

When I'm pressed into a dead end
What will you do for me?
Sure that you'll run away
Yeah, you always listen to my grumbling
But it's no help for me

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