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Bloody Pussies


She's got my joystick right in her mouth
Givin' all she can, but I laugh about
It's not enough, I just want more
Sent out by Satan, you dirty whore

Calls of lust, they fill my ears
That little wife, she's full of tears
She knows it, there's no way out
So close your mouth an' stop to shout
I want Bloody Pussies
I need Bloody Pussies
Give me Bloody Pussies
An' I'll do what ya want

Heavy breathin', she moans in the act
Chained by a demon who's got a death pact
She closes her nice eyes and starts to cry
C'mon baby, my master calls, don't ask me why

Her little hands don't see tomorrow
Need her flesh an' that's my sorrow
After all my lust, I'll use my sword
Cut ya down, ya can't say a last word

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