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Do You Feel Good


When we were lovers you called me names
But time goes on and you were gone
I got told you you're a big shot for the ties
And take it from behind

Now you took a new flat in a different town
And rumors are you're wealthy now
For that high class dress shows you earn well
Where strangers come and go

Do you feel good, do you feel fine?
Did you achieve what you had in mind?
Do you live cool, not too confined?
What can you tell this old heart of mine?

Some busty companion claims to know you well
She does night shift at some place somewhere
Said there's no one who has fun your way
In Moscow, Rome, LA

I wish I knew
Where you are now
Jolly understand...
...and you never call

Well I got no objections
I'm old enough, you know
But it's weird this night I seem to know you
Better than before

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