Raped With a Chainsaw


I need to kill-every day
For it takes my pain away
Taking the ones that can´t resist- with a chainsaw in my fist

Raped with a chainsaw-utterly
Can´t keep my eyes from this scenery
This is my death fuck autopsy
Raped with a chainsaw- utterly

Blood is spilled- acting beyond all reason
Proud of what I became- celebrate my pathalogy
Breeding myself inquisitorial by taking your life away
Murderous- death is my religion-torture is my god
My chainsaw is the pope
Now listen to what I preach
The only true feeling is hate

Repeat (Chorus)

Repeat II.

Repeat I.

On and on I slip away
Murderous- insanity
I take the ones that can´t resist
With a chainsaw in my fist

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