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Stars Light

Hi Resolution

From the moment i met you,
I wanted to be with you,
Now my world revolves around you.
[I see that starlight, shining in your eyes.]
It's like heaven to kiss you,
When you're absent I miss you,
I think about in all of my time.
[I dream of the starlight shining in you eyes.]

CHORUS [sing twice]:
I see the stars light,
shining in your eyes.
I know i love you and
it makes me wanna cry with joy

You are my angel,
And I'd do absolutly anything for you,
Just name the place and i'll be there.
[I see that starlight, shining in your eyes.]
you're beautiful i know its true
i know you dont, but know i do,
everything i've dreamed of, manifested in you.
[That starlight, ever shining in your eyes]




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