Before you go you and make that face
You make when you're mad at me
So mat at me
Let me say it's not my place
Going through your voicemail and your history

And if this were a TV show
You know I'd have to go and plead insanity
'Cause the lying and spying and prying
Isn't really my personality

I'm an idiot for taking your phone
This is my fault
My bad
If I said a million sorrys
How about a billion sorrys

You shine just like the stars
And I'm not even a night light
'Cause what I did wasn't so bright
I'm really sorry

Girl, girl, you know, I was scared that this would end
That's why I checked your DMs
This has been so hard for me keeping this secret
From you and our friends off
But given the chance, I would definitely do it again
No wait that's not right, I mean that I wouldn't do it again

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