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Someone Else's Trouble Now

Highway 101

I heard he's with someone new
Wish her luck cause she'll need it fore she's through
That man's nothin' but a crash course in the blues
But some girls gotta learn the hard way
Well he'll disappear till you think he must be dead
Then he'll sweet talk his way back into your bed
Lose all your money on his inside bets burn up your sofa with his cigarettes
But he's someone else's trouble now somebody else's to worry about
Lord knows I loved him the best way I knew how
But he's someone else's trouble now yes he's someone else's trouble now

She won't believe how that man can lie
Looking back now I laugh at his wild alibies
But there was nothin' funny bout it at the time
Still I thought I could not live without him
But he's someone else's trouble...

With mixed emotions I set him free
Cause every now and then he was as sweet as he could be
Can't help but think about him when the nights are long
Sometimes I miss him but I'm so glad he's gone
[ steel - guitar ]
Yes he's someone else's trouble...

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