I don't understand why anyone would do this. Not only kill another, but help them build excuses. More police control, more oppression of our rights. A call to arms, a reason to fight. Power to repress, to kill without evidence. Supported by the public via mind control in the press. Keep your eyes open wide. When truth speaks, there's nothing to hide. Inside. Believe what papers say. Go on about your day, no matter what they say to us. It's going on: World War III, mass destruction. Take care where you stand. Take care who you kill. It's you who is inciting fear to abide. If I keep this locked inside. In my country I confide. No way that he can hide from us on this crusade. It's been played, and I don't want to fight. Retract your rage. Act your age. No war we wage is worth it. Television station reaches more than we can teach. Domestic deception. In this 'operation' try to practice what you preach. We say this, but we sit still. Watching it burn right before our eyes. Silence is bliss.

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