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They pulled the switch that sent me far
Into the rich and distant stars
And bounced me back into your car
Returning with a smile
Constantly in rotation
An astronaut on the radio station
Passing on that sweet sensation
If only for awhile

A smile finally saved me, found me and repaid me
For all the time that I've put in
And now I'm smiling back again
smile for awhile
We've just begun to smile

A canyon cracks a smile at me
As I pass at 80,000 feet
Revolving only to receive America, America
Please be free, be a part of me
We need unilateral harmony
Something that will help us be
Better than before


Bridge: As we wonder through
It's all right in front of you
Every moment matters in the end
Smile at what used to be
The glory and the agony
Smile at a memory
Smile at your enemies


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Written by: Hootie / The Blowfish / Walter Salas Humara. Isn't this right? Let us know.