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Bling Bling Remix

Hot Boys

yo this cash money right?

(lil wayne)
oooooooooooooooooooooohhh you know it

uh huh mmm hmmm lets set this off in this mutherfucker

nigga you know im icin it up shit worth more than a mutherfuck
my nigga got ice on his wrsit
and shit the nigga always fuckin da bitch
hoes dont know what this nigga got fool
so bust the fuck you ass lickin ho

(lil wayne)
i like em hot gurls
the kind that fuck that this hot boy
fuck me up and play me like a toy
like a britney spear type shear
my nigga aint got nuthin here
i be bling blingin like shit
mann yall niggaz aint gotta dick

bling bling
these niggaz right here like to bling bling
we got hoes up in here bling bling
we be drinkin da beer bling bling
and smokin all that bad ass shit bling bling

im a nigga that like the gold
i dont give a fuck how old
yall niggaz frontin all throught the week
while i be sittin round smokin the weed
i feel you
well not reely
ima fuck you up
nigga for reely
so lets get this shit jumpin
party it up like we motherfucking

im all about the dough
makin a special appearence ya ho
nigga you already know
nigga dont fuck wit my flow
yo i bust caps like shit
bitch you can suck my dick
ima badass mutherfucker
that be right you bitch ass hooker
i been in da cage bout three times(aight)
i smoke so much weed i started to cry
i was bout to die(for real)
hell you know im fo reel
i like to fuck up the deal
gimme my money or ima have to kill


now juvenie be da motherfucker
now the shit off in this mutherfucker
yo nigga howzit crackin
im gettin high and back stabbin
i mean that shit literatly
i am illeterate
now what the fuck-ee
yo niggaz back back
or imma bus yo ass ass
nas nas
aint in rap no more
fo shizzle my nizzle
aint that a ho

i put em drugs in my pocket
like polly locket
eat my cum you bitch ass dumb
fuck i dont give shit
whether this bitch wanna fuck wit my shit
nigga that aint right
stop actin so damn trife
you fuck up my life
now ima fuck up your wife
uhhh uhhh
she can swallow my cum


(lil zane)
now i just wanna have some fun tonight
nigga in the club tonight
we aint gotta fight
we dont nobody to fuckin die tonight
ima big pimp
hit the hoes up in they shit
my niggaz up in cash money
they be gettin tha money
and fuckin the honeys
so if dre wanna fuck wit us
he can suck my dick
that stupie ass cunt

cough cough cough
uhh i be smokin a lot
cough cough cough
still smokin a lot

yeah baby this is caaaaaaaash money

and baby you can back that ass up
haw haw haw
yo cut the track
yeah cut this shit out

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