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Easy Now

Hot Tuna

I got the riding pneumonia today
Well, the weather's too fine to stay
Now I want to go down to Mexico
Got a feeling we'll be heading that way
By this time tomorrow, who knows where I'll be?
Highway lines keep marking time, riding by the sea
Ain't no concept I can't stop, moving on my way
The future's bright, with eyes of light, leaving Monterey
Moving in the mountains, sailing through the pines
That lakeside light on summer nights makes you feel like flying
Just passing through the morning dew, nature is a roar
There's motion on the highway, you can see my spirit soar
Look out of the window, tell me what you see
I hear a storm come calling, reaching after me
Starting to slide on the mercury mile, moving on the side
Well, that spray just paves our way, let your body ride

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