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Black Jesus

House Of Pain

They call me white Devil, black Jesus
Heaven closes, Hell freezes
Ego's trippin', scripts keep flippin'
Bloods keep bloodin', Crips keep crippin'
Time keeps slippin' and I keep fallin'
I can't see but I hear them callin', ballers ballin'
Players playin', haters fightin', righteous prayin'
Don't forget Manhattan keep makin', Brooklyn keep takin'
Shook ones keep shakin', no time for fakin'
Know what I mean, I ain't choppin' no bars just risin' like cream
If you diggin' the scene, you feelin' the vibe
Throw your hands in the air, scream are you alive
Singin' na, na, na, na, na, na [X4]

They call me black Jesus, white Moses
Heaven freezes, Hell closes
B-Boy posin', punk rock chicks, kids are alright but I need my fix
If you diggin' the mix, feelin' the drugs, if you keepin' it real
If you livin' like thugs, I spit kisses and hugs like forty five slugs
Come back on the run and kiss my love gun
Got a look that'll kill, voice that'll carry
Half a dozen women that think I want a marry
I got trouble on my mind, I'm refusin' to lose
But still I got a find someone to abuse, I'm gonna run spread the news
Help say the word, jump the fuck back and just act like you heard

They call me white Devil, black Jesus
Heaven closes, Hell freezes
Black Jesus, white Moses
Heaven freezes, hell closes
Singin' na, na, na, na, na, na [X5]

They call me white sinner, black martyr, live wire
Fire starter, jungle brother, red neck cracker, freak of nature
New world slacker, sex junkie lookin' for a dealer
You can play the leper girl and I can play the healer
Shit is only gettin' realer, baby haven't you heard
That the bird, bird, bird, yes the bird is the word
It go one for the trebble, two for the times, and three for my homies and four for the dimes
Singin' lemons to the limes to the break of dawn
Excuse me (six minutes) Everlast you on
And it go on and on like a rolling stone, baby, anywhere I lay my hat is my home


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