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Freak Like Me

Adina Howard

Let me lay it on the line
i got a little freakiness inside
and you know that the man
has got to deal with it
i don't care what they say
i'm not about to pay nobody's way
cuz it's all about the dog in me

i want to freak in the morning
a freak in the evening just like me
i need a roughneck nigga
that can satisfy me just for me
if you are the kind of man
cuz i'm that kind of girl
i got a freaky secret, everybody sing
cuz we don't give a damn about a thing
cuz i will be a freak
until the day until the dawn
and we can pump, pump
all through the day to the early morn
come on and i will take you
around the hood on a gangsta lean
cuz we can pump, pump
any time of day it's all good for me

Boy, you're moving kind of slow
you got to keep it up
now there you go
there's just one thing that a man must know

i'm packing all the flavor you need
i got you shook up on your knees
cuz it's all about the dog in me

chorus 1x

on to the two, to the two, to the three
Adina do you wanna get freaky with me?...

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Written by: Bootsy Collins / Gary Mudbone Cooper / George Clinton / Loren Hill / Marc Valentine. Isn't this right? Let us know.