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We're headed for the great smokey mountains to see the wildflowers
bloom in spring
'Cause we've decided that there's no better place to be for twoyoung
people who just wanna do their thing in the spring
I know we're gonna be happy
'Cause James is a freedom fighter and he lives for the moment
His parents are hippies and he sees everything through arainbow
He's never unhappy cause he never wears a watch
He lives on his mountain bike and he sees beauty in everyone
James says he's gonna change the world
James says that I am his flower girl and James and I we're gonnamake a
difference just wait and see we're gonna set the world free
It's two years later now and we're both out of college and we'vedecided
to love one another for eternity
I've got a good job but James says no one understands him he's anartist
He needs time to find out what that means
He answers to a higher calling the moon and the sun and the starsare
falling through his time and his space and I'm lucky to be partof it all
He is bigger than life he sees things he knows things he is notlike you and
James finally found a steady job and now we're gonna settledown
He still loves his music but he knows where his priorities lie
He stepped on his dreams so many times and wore out the path heneeded
to take to find the life he thought would just happen to him likethe
changing of a season

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