Photo of the artist Hum

The Very Old Man


It's Eerie and It's Awesome,
How Connected Two Pods Scattered On the Surface Can Become,
Lazy Into One.

He Knows Lightning Kills the Other,
She Can't Stand to Watch His Petals Fall,
It's Better When Cascades Become Like Us All.

Afternoon a Golden Disengagement Leaves a Woman,
With a Household Left to Fill.
Sit, and Be Still, Send the Voltage Cross His Ticker,
Watch the Stars They Start to Flicker, and One By One Levels Fall.

Another Drink My Love, and Make It Tall Enough
So I Can Stand On It and See, All You've Done For Me.
A World of Curves and Lines Electric,
Remember How You Strung the Colored Lights, From Christmas Tree to Me?

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