Don't try to slip this one by me, that would not be so cool.
Put back these words and untie me,
you make me feel like a fool.
You make me feel like a fool.
You helped put us together, before the colors were gray.
Now that we're not together, nothin's okay.
Nothin's okay.

I saw my school and a little kid, it got crowded by flies.
And so I stand by the road still, staring into it's eyes.
I'm staring into it's eyes.
I never said this was better, than anything that I had.
I never heard you say never, and now I wish that I had.
And now I wish that I had.

Without your love, without your care,
shooting blanks into the air.
Holding thoughts while I just stare,
to leave me 'cause that's just not fair.

Kid, you lost me, your path or mine?
Walking in circles with you all the time,
that's not how it's supposed to be,
I guess there's more than you or me.

And you're not following me down,
you're not holding the rain fields back.
You're not moving towards what's right,
you're not keeping me in sight.

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