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When We Were Young

Human Nature

Yesterdays - been and gone
When we were young

Remember when
We started out as friends
We were one and the same
Don't even think that I knew your name
That was then
So many things have changed
But looking back on the days
It's good to see that we are still the same

Sometimes I wish that innocence would never end
Although memories will fade (no, no)
Time will never take them away

Yesterdays have been and gone
Summer days that seemed so long
All the things we did
When we were young
We had our share of smiles and tears
It's been the same all through the years oh yeah
Even shared our favourite songs
When we were young

Don't you know
People come and go
But sure as sun after rain
In your heart friends will still remain
Let me say
If we should drift away
And your heart feels the pain
Let the good times bring you back again

Sometimes I wish the days we had would never end
Although time is moving fast (so fast)
Memories are made to last

Even on your own
Know you'll never be alone
The memories we made
Time will never take them away

All the yesterdays have been and gone
And the summer days that seemed so long
All the things we used to do when we
When we were young


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