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If I were you
If he were mine
I would give him my whole world
Until the end of time
If I were you
If I were his
I would always let him know
How precious his love is

If for one day he wanted me
I would show him all that
Love's supposed to be

If he ever called my name
I'd never be too far
If he ever needed hope
I'd give him all my heart
If he ever made a wish
I'd try to reach him a star
That's what I'd do
He could always count on me
If I were you

You see his smile
You know his touch
But without the things
I feel for him
It doesn't mean as much
You have his heart
And he has mine
Though I know there's
Nothing I can say
To change his mind

But if he chose me
Instead of you I would
Show him all the things
My love can do

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