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I see the distant lights ahead
Another hour or so, and
I'll be back in bed
I guess I really thought
That I was gone for good
But you know I never could
I count the headlights passing by
With every one I find
Another reason why
You'll be sound asleep
And I'll look a fool
How could I be so cruel?

Only love could make me turn around
And make these tears
Come tumbling down
Only love
Only love could make you stay with me
I doubt myself but you believe
Only love
I wish that I could be that strong
To see me as I am,
And love me right or wrong
I guess I'm still afraid
To only say goodbye
So I keep it all inside
Only love...


So I try to run, but no
Matter what I do
I know it's true: I can't
Go on without you
Only love...

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