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Senorita Bonita

Engelbert Humperdinck

You have changed my life in many different ways
And suddenly I realise
Little things you say and do give me reasons to survive
Feelings that I have are something new to me I've never felt this way before
Need your loving every day; need your loving more

* Senorita bonita, my special lady from mexico
Senorita bonita, my love for you seems to grow and grow
And when I hold you I can't let go, oh senorita! I love you forever
Senorita bonita you'll always be mine

Anywhere I go and anything I do I wanna have you close to me
Sharing every single day, that's the way its gonna be
I never realised I needed anyone, but then your love came shining through
Now I need you all the time; gonna spend my life with you


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