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One More Astronaut

I Mother Earth

One more astronaut in black skin
Of universe
One more travelin' man
With weary tired eyes, feeling cold
Thinking around the clock of drinking
On the job, of the powdered food
And piss bags, never having sex and growing old

Headspace....alive and painless,
Weightless and almost holy
I close my eyes, I become the sky
Headspace....alone and shameless
Can't wait to find the faces
I left behind in a hard time
Back home

It gets so lonely you know
Weeks and months alone chasing
Sleep and space junk and the dying
Stars I've recognized and admired
Through true decline
Of the five billions minds or so
Through mudslides
And earthquakes, the blue one holds
And rolls along

One more astronaut in
Endless wide universe with
One more second chance at
Wondering why he's here at all

Bold are the ones who
Come over the line to fall over
The horizon....never ones to fade away
Then it hit me, this
Cosmic pull and energy
It kinda makes me wonder
If I'll ever make it
Back home

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