To hesitate, to reel and stutter in a free fall to eat your
and slow the runner you just need calm
Don't let me down I'm already down
like a rubber band pulled between two hands in a slow defiance
of when it might break then someone laughs,
all left feet and charging rhinos...
unfunny but i know no one here needs your kind of redemption
you came in waves and tired of all this celebration you milked
the tree,
fed the starfish and said all is calm
You must get down I'm already down
with the whole event held within your head like old valentines,
just when do you start to fake a love for jazz and blue green
It's so hieronymus I know no one here needs your kind of
How shallow ponds with the growth of decades carry on or I'll
never know
on the whole, I can dig the world's offerings and with the yes
on hold it did not lesson me when it was said to me with the
of daybreak that wherever you go take your pride, wherever you
there you are that was the birthplace of almost everything sold

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