Some people claim that I'm born to play
Cause I'm your Icetea on the sunny day
I make the goers come, the leavers stay
I make the lovers kiss and the workers play
I make the runners walk, the quiet talk
I burst so viciously, I make the blind man see
I'm the ladies' cream, the virgins' wet dream
I got that kind of movement that the young girls fiend
I'm tired of these DJs going around
Taking about how they go down to town
Cause I'm the best Rapper that you have found
So all you lovely ladies, let's party down
Take all your rapping records, don't end the track
Ice-T is the only brother that you got to back
Hook up the studio, turn up the wire
We're gonna rock til the niggaz call up Entire
We rock rock y'all with no fear, and if you don't dig it turn off your ears
We rock rock y'all and keep on, and if you don't dig it take your damn??
Cause I'm a player, the best alive
I prefer fast money to a Nine-to-Five
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

Well I'm (Poww) Ice-T, I'm terribly back
I'm here to knock out the wheel as we blow up the past
I'm maybe small but I'm willing to say
I jam this party in one hell of a way
The powers I got are hard to find
The beat breaking woman's hearts, while I'm blowing their minds
They be giving me money, and buying me things
But I spend their cash in pirate rings
If they treat me right, I'm willing to show
The coolest young brother they ever know
But if they do me wrong, I hate to say
I've never teach them how to rock this way
Cause back in the thirties when time was hard
I have had, a sawed-off shotgun and I marked different cards
A turned up collar, a turned up hat, a.38 cutlet I stole that
I walked in a party, they won't leave for a day
And I started dancing one hell of a way
I was dancing so hard, couldn't no one compete
I turned out the party with my Ice-cold feet
Cause I'm a player, that's all I know
On a summer day, I play in the snow
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

We're born to play, and brought up that way
We chase the women night and day
And when I run through, I will talk to you
And you'll become one of the chosen few
Can't you see that now I'm mean? I'm the brother known as Ice-T
And umm.. I'm the brother whose like no other
Whose black in soul but not in color
You digged the race, and a hit to the case
When you're trying to get outta my face
I'm trying to tell you I'm a brother that's nice
I'm sweet as honey, I'm cold as Ice
But if you say something to me that ends you down
You be picking off your booty up off the ground
You can ask your father, your sister or mother
I got a Rolls Royce in every color
I keep my rides tune the perfection, I got a strut for every direction
I'm the pimp, the player, the women layer
The holy dueler, the whorehouse doer
I just play young whores, slam Cadillac doors
I'm the black Mack of the heart attack
But.. I don't smoke no whack, I don't cut no slack
I'm here to rock y'all, so rock rock
I'm Ice-T when I dress, I never jock
I do all my shopping on Rodeo Drive
When I leave the pad, I'm never allowed
I'm damn so sharp, I cut through the pipe
I got so many clothes, and my words these day
When I put some in, I got to throw some away
Cause I'm a player, some call us Macks
With private phones and our Cadillacs
From the womb to the tomb, we run our games
Cause we cold as ice, and we show no shame

The ladies say that I'm heaven sent
Cause I got more money than the US mint
I ride Rag-Top Rolls with rocks on my hand, Maseratis and Mercedes Benz
I have the Uz to line, private Jets, Bel-Air-Boogies place my bets
I own islands up, there close to France
Now I wear designer, chucks and pants
When I was brought into this world
My mamma never asked if I was boy or a girl
First I rolled over to her, and gave her a kiss
She said: Your daddy don't rock me like this!
When the doctor hit me on the behind, I broke on down with a funky rhyme
The nurses said, I was awfully cute
When I played out a joint, in a three piece suit
Yo yo yo, please please, please check it out
Cause I'm a player, I'm always clean
I bought Mercedes Benz when I was seventeen
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

Then I met this madam named Angel Adam, she said she liked my style
She said sit down too, let me rap to you, for just a little while
She was a gravedigger, pulled.38 triggers
She is a lady in love and sent from above
She wasn't sly, she wasn't slick, just made that money real quick
She had a way.. Of getting fast, it came from dealing in cold cash
She ran her game with the utmost ease, to break a player down to his knees
I said: Hey look, freeze on that rap, and prepare yourself for a heart attack
I took her by her hand, I said come with me
We drove up in my vicious eighty three
I took her to diner, I took her to the show
I took her to the suite cause she begged me to go
We got into the room, to make After-Long snaps
So she just shut the seven buckles up and came up with a gat
Stretched through the door, I didn't cut no slack
I had her on the floor, on her stomach, on her back
I had her on the wall, and I hold it on the knee
I put her in the hot tub and the water started to freeze
I took her out the hot tub then I put her on the faucet
"Ooh Ice-T, I can't take no more"
I put her in the bed then she looked up in the mere
Screamed so loud, I think the East Coast did hear
I floored on my back, I put her on the top
She said: "Ooh Ice-T, would this ever stop?"
I said No! The freaking has just began
We hit fifty more positions before I got gone
When we've got finished, it was no longer dark
We had rocked so hard, made her snotty farts bark
Then she rolled over to me, she looked me in my eye
And said these words to my surprise:
She said: I tried to check you, cause I knew I could
I came here with you, cause I thought I should
I tried to freak you, cause I thought I could
But oohh baby, you're sure I could?
She said: Baby you're one hell of a man, ain't no better riding than Disney Land
Now to all you ladies that think you're fly, and can out freak the average guy
Don't ever come venturing through my door
I'll have begging to stop, while you're screaming for more
Yo, please check it out
All the ladies in the house come check it out
Cause I'm a player with juice on every hand
So deeply in packet I control demand
But we all know how I earn my pay
Cause if you don't wanna work, then you got to play

Brothers when you winning in Donna Fox
You don't take her to MC Donalds to jack in the box
Don't pick her up, in a bus or a Cap
She needs a black belt chauffeur and a cornice wrap
You can take her to dine at the finest spot
Or you take her to a disco that's really hot
You can take her home and while you're all alone
Don't forget to disconnect the phone
You can take her to the bed, you throw back the sheets
Rock her butt to the rhythm of the beat..

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