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Another Love Song


I mean i hear what you're saying, i mean
You got carried away in the moment
And i could forgive you
I could do that
I could do anything, if i want to

[1st verse- violent j]
I could buy you a lexus truck with a white leather interior
I could kill off some bears and dogs and shit just to make you a fur coat
I could love you and treat you with class
And have babies falling all out your ass
But thinking about that...
I feel i'd rather kill you
('cuz i got you in my car, and you ain't going nowhere bitch, you're dead)

[chorus x2- violent j]
I'd rather cut that neck in half
I'd rather choke out that bitch-ass
I'd rather chop and never stop
Because you fucked my homies

[2nd verse - violent j]
I could take all the face paint off and get a real job working for dad
I would rather take a ten-pound axe and stick it in your daddy's forehead
I could let you move into my house
You'd fuck the neighbors every time i'd go out
And wipe his nut on my pillow (oh)
But i think i'd rather kill you
('cuz we parked all alone and it's real dark anyway, hey)


[3rd verse]
I'm the one that killed your precious cat, and stuffed him in your fucking
If i only hadn't cut off my hair, i'd choke you with all my dreadlocks
When i strain at the moon every night (heh heh!)
You shouldv'e known something just ain't right
'cuz i'm gonna slap you
And the i'm going to kill you
('cuz the moon told me to, and it's watching us right now)


[4th verse]
I could go back to school instead and try to get my diploma
I'd much rather bang your head on the wall, until you fall into a coma
'cuz i can't get you out of my head
I'd cut my head off but the i would be dead
And i ain't the only motherfucker that's dying!
So let's just die togetherrrrrraaaaaagghhh!!!

[chorus x4]
Ahhh!! let's just die together
Ahhh, yeah!! let's just die together
Me and you, i'll kill you but, can you explain?
Let's just die together
Wicked clown told you, i'm gonna kill you
And tonight we'll die together

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