While animals they do
Never wonder why
Just to do what they goddamn do

I'm goin' where sore losers go
To hide my face and spend my dough
Though it's a dream, it's not a lie
And I won't stop to say goodbye


See I just couldn't take no more
Of whippin' fools and keepin' score
I just thought "well, fuck it man"
I'm gonna pack my soul and scram


Out of the way I'll get away
Won't have to hear the things they say
Tamales and the bang of clouts
Are all I need to pump me out


I'll have no fear
I'll know no fear
So far from here
I'll have no fear

(While animals they do
Never wonder why
Just to do what they goddamn do)

There's nothing awesome here
Not a damn thing
There's nothing "wow!"
Just a bunch of people, scared
Everybody's fuckin' scared
Fear eating all the souls at once
I'm tired of it
And I dreamed about gettin' away
To a new life
Where there's not so much fucking knowledge
I don't want any of this "information"
I don't want "you"
No, not anymore
I've had enough of "you"
Yeah I'm talking to "you"
I wanna go to paraguay
Live in a compound under the trees
With servants and bodyguards who love me
Free of criticism
Free of manners and bores
I wanna be your basic clyde
Who made good
And went away while he could
To somewhere where people are still human beings
Where they have spirit
You take mother-fucking laptop
Just shove it into your goddamn foul mouth
Down your shit-eating gizzard
You fuckin' phony two-faced, three-timing piece of turd
And I hope you shit it out with all the words in it
And I hope the security services read those words
And pick you up and flay you
For all your evil and poisonous intentions
Cause I'm sick and it's your fault
And I'm gonna go heal myself now

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