Love, it's a crazy make my heart go upsy daisy
Make my blood flow, not so lazy, 'cos I love you inside out

Time is a wastin' why d'ya hold out, so frustratin'
'Cos you know that you're lookin' amazing
And I love you inside out

I love your eyes, blue as the skies
I love you lips, to your fingertips
I love your bones, you old sticks and stones yeah
I love you inside out

Oh, don't you believe me, yeah, I know, it's kinda creepy
Oh but oh, you're lovin' ir deeply
Admit it, I did it, you know you're gonna jeep me
So say you love me like a hobo, worn and grubby
But you know though, no one above me
And you love me inside out

I love your chin and the skin that you're in
I love your nails, even your entrails
I love your soul even your little mole
Yeah I love ya inside out

I love you arms and your laugh aloud charms
I love your wits and all you wobbly bits
I love your lungs and your talking tongue
Yeah I love you inside out, yeah

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