Photo of the artist Impossibles

Always Have, Always Will


Fell asleep in the van
With a crick in my neck and a yearning in my brain
Making myself homesick looking at your photograph
I do the best that i can to keep myself in check
But it's easy to complain when our home sits
On the binding of the u.s. page of the road atlas

Absence will make your heart grow fonder
All of my dreams will come true
And if your heart starts to falter
I will tell you what i'll do...

Hold my breath all night
Clench my fists so tight
Wish with all my might
That i'll never fear
Grit my teeth too hard
Travel very far
Wish on all the stars
That i'll never...

I never feared you with
Thoughts of you near me

I camped out by the phone
Putting scratches in my notebook
And waiting up 'till dawn
Humming this song back and forth
Over and over again

And if my heart starts to wander
I will tell you what i'll do...

I sleep as much as i can and hold my heart in my hand
It's as much as i can stand
My weakness comes out once again

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