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Square Nothing

In Flames

For all the times you left me bleeding
Clouded, weakend by the haze
Cut of my pride, enough to forgive
Reconcile, back to square nothing

It seems I lost my direction
Don't have the strenght to let it slip
Have no desire for the shore
Just let me play here for some time

Is this how I want to spend my days?
Shadowed, it fears me, my utopia
Try to find some peace to destroy
These are my sins, I'm heading to fall
Never understood though I accepted
All the weakness that I discover
You gave me a place to hide and lost the key
Drowend my head just to see it sink (to the bottom)

Spent some quality time with the demon of mine
He said: I like the way you struggle but you know I'm gonna win
Spent some quality time with my borrowed smile
The gleam is replaced, rip me open and erase me

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