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Worlds Within The Margin

In Flames

Raindrop hits the leaf, changing its position slightly on thestreet
next to pools of monotonous water He walks, Slipping feet fromsteps at random He falls

In the space between his body and the ground
comets cast of their names, stellar neurones misfire

Witnesses inhale the seed
and spit out a million branches

Buds abloom in all directions
from which events occur
relations and virused meetings
catch fire and explode
In the margin of butterfly wings
entire cycles of evolution
outplayed and faded
sparked and leaned back into
vacuum-filled nirvana

Between the two of my eyes
feverish fractals soar
dance like were they on drugs
peyote labyrinths re-mapped exits
A hasty blink
and a million life-to-comes
will never be the same
as they never were

In the kinetic energy of a moving fist
lies a birth-machine for a paralell universe

With the first movement in the organic soap
came a bouquet of alternative answers
all different multiplied and re-devided

Coded in the spinal cord of a trilobite
written between the legs on the Meganeura
suburban city maps and dormant dictator semen
marked their way trough time

In the kinetic energy of a moving fist
lies a birth-machine for a paralell universe

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