Through the universe i vill go,
To place i´ve never seem before.
I vill ride through the galaxies,
And find my way back home...

I´m facing my destiny, as i look up in the sjy.
Beyond the shadows the dream stays alive,
The gates of my freedom,
The edge of my life, can´t stay here anymore.
Is my own life i´m living today an illusion?
In silence i cry, in darkness i hide,
Away from the feelings that i kept inside,
Don´t tell me i am scared.

Bridege: i know my time will come,
Someday you´ll see.
If i reach the end of light,
My home it will be.

Trough the universe i will go,
To places no one seem before.
I ´ll ride trough the galaxiesand find my way back home.
Can you see, see the light?
The light that shines so bright in the sky.

How many tears will it take for us to see?
Killing the nature in anguish and hate,

Killing each other,
This world in in pain. we van´t take anymore.
Open your eyes, tell if you like that you see.
Faith in key to see what is real,
The world must change to what it should be,
Don´t tell me it´s to late.

Repeat: bridge & chorus

Iam- pridem ! iam pridem !
Iam pridem inter primores, pugnat sagitta ictus est.
Inter caleum fugerem ifinitas.
Sicolorum legum vitae, nesic mentis lumini.
Nec deus consilium, pericolum.

There comes a day, when you can´t explain.
No matter what you will say.
Our future is in the hands of our god you´ll see!

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