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The Hunted

The Insyderz

I'm hiding in my secret place built up in my mind
Searching for the rest that I can never find.
My wrists held with metal shackled to the floor
Torture like this, I've never seen before
I dream about revenge and how sweet it will be
when you're locked up in this cage staring back at me
The colors fade to black, darker than my sin
I cannot give up now, I cannot just give in
I'm wrestling with a beast, I cannot see his face
he spits on me and does not care he puts me in my place
his dictatorship is vile, his kingdom built on pain
pure evil poured on everyone is how he plays his game

You become the hunted

Psychotic, deranged, crazy, insane
poke me with a stick I'm locked up in this tiny cage
You have me I'm yours treat me how you will
with hate and fear until emotion I don't feel
You bellow and laugh and turn your head away
and with the snap of the chains now you become the prey
The shifting of your eyes, shadows my disguise
stumbling while you run, but you can never hide
The terror begins, the hunt is on
the tables seem to turn, I hear the scary song
Or is it just a score of this movie gone astray
you've had my soul on layaway and now you're gonna pay

You become the hunted

Darkness and evil surrounds me as the hunt begins
good vs. evil me and you round one of armageadon
I'm coming your way so hurry, releasing God's fury
One judge no jury your demise you'll meet don't worry
my sworn enemy by any means I'm gonna bring you pain
representing heaven in this life or death game
maintain my cool though my heart's pumpin like an engine
You've had your turn, now it's time for mine
revenge and rage controls my body, your tears are running down
now it is only fitting that you're the hunted now
So I hunt you down with the wrath of God within me
not here to take your life, but you can give it up freely
Hear me in the night as I makes you go insane
and my nonstop chantin' starts to seep into your brain

Dear God I beg for mercy on the souls that tortured me
I ask that they be shown the grace that you've shown me

The end is upon you I release my anger on you
I'll destroy you and you will know that I am the LORD

For decades and decades, you've hunted us down
body count rising or descending to the ground
The concrete jungle closes the silence surrounds
The only thing heard is your heart as it pounds
Sweat pours from your skull, afraid to turn around
Looking over your shoulder what was that sound
Sick of it all no more you can take
The running's slowed down, your spines about to break
My sights lined up, you don't have a clue
Should I make my move, what should I do?
The chase is almost done, the oppression forgot
I've escaped with my life by the grace of God

You become the hunted

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