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Inuit Monkeys

In the middle of the night, the moon is shining brightI have seperated feelings, but my brain just sees the real thingsHey, come on and please excuse me, if you don't know how to use meAnd I am still here in the night, but the moon's not giving light
You only have to look ahead, I'm lying here beside my bedIt's very hard there on the floor, but I can see the open door
You're just another human, and you don't know if you canCome on and look around you boy and you will see the world's just a toyIf you really want to change it, find your message and then send itBut I'm still here in the night and I see I have no right
Come on and close your eyes, and do not hear when someone liesYou don't have to look away, but if you want then you can stay

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