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Burn 7


Say what you burn in my head
Say what you are in this hell

In the icy world of old desperate souls
The first bullet flew to the wheel of chance
The second one could have been for vengeance
And the last one taken as evidence

Fight, I can't fight again
Here is the pain in my veins
Fight, I can't fight no more
fight in the light of the fire

In the dead heart of this tortured life
A gun was better than a knife
But what I did
I can't remember
Did I really kill
During December ?

In the cold night...
The next one was no doubt a stray bullet
Flying so fast in the heat of the night
The fifth was the result of a gangland killing
The sixth shouldn't have killed that poor victim

Down, now
I can only move my eyes
Down, now
I feel a burning in my heart
Down, now
I can't manage to think
About, now, the dead man could finally be......

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