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Shady Lady

Iron Butterfly

She stayed time's queen in a darkened scene
She's a bad dealer whip on a bad dealer trip

But that's my lady, my shady lady
She's a mean like sour cream
Talking about my baby, oh my shady baby

I know I gotta try though I don't why
To help her see that the sun ganna shine
No that the sun, that the sun gonna shine
Where it's shady and it never went there

She's my butterfly, she don't bother me

Woah that's my lady, yeah my shady baby
Talking about my baby

Yes that's his lady, he show thinks his lady's fine
Yes that's his baby, he show thinks his baby's fine

Talking about my lady, that's what they are
They're talking about my shady baby
Yeah she's a star, shady lady

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