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Od yom maftzia lo ze boker shel tikva
Ve keren or hama az bechiyoch tiga
Ve kol yerida yeshna tamid siba
Lishof el Hapisga

ki becha ha'emet
He titen lecha koach
Shetimtza shoov emet
Lo tirze az livroach
Az tashir shir shel hofesh ve dror
Targish kmo gibor
Az tida sheata - magia

Al tistager lecha Tiftach halon pnimi
Takom tirea olam tavin lema lemi
Sheish od ahava latet ve lekabel
Lekol me sheshoel



Another day has begun
It's a morning of hope
And a warm light will touch your smile
And in every down there is always a reason
longing for the top.

Cause the truth is in you
She will give you the power
To find the truth again
Then you won't runaway
Then you'll sing a song of freedom
You'll feel like a hero
Then you'll know you'll getting there

Don't closer yourself open an inner window
Go and see the world
Then You'll understand why & what
That there is a love to get & recive
To everyone who wants.

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