I'll wait for a sign
To find the dream I'm living in
I'll take my time
To face the light I'm fading in
No one ever said
I'm flying too close to the sun
The higher that I go
I'm shining so golden, like paradise
It's a story so old
It's a secret never told, of love
It's the price that I'll pay
For choosing my own fate

I'll take no more
Of the lies you're hiding in
I'll find my way
To the world I'm fighting for

I can't always be brave
When you don't believe in me
There's always a shadow to shield you
And you just can't see through it

I gave blood
I gave gold
I gave heart
I gave soul

I gave day
I gave night
I gave dark
I gave light

I gave love

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Written by: Daniel Anghede / Heike Langhans. Isn't this right? Let us know.